CGTN China24 Show Package

Fast paced and multi-facetted. 24 hours translated in kinetic typography animation and editing.

China 24 is a daily news show covering the most important topics from the last 24 hours. The promo for this program puts the constant lapse of time in context with the constant flow of news. The variety of the animations reflects the wide range of the News. 

The promotional combines hypnotic typography animation with the pulse of time.

Tick tock

The logo represents an abstract clock split in two which represents day and the night. 

Show opener


The abstract clock is the canvas for projections, be it news footage or typography.

Client CGTN, China Global Television Network • Agency: Flint Skallen / Stefan Mueller • Created and produced by Perfect Accident: Martin Kett, Elisa Krenz, Benno Verschueren • Music: Stephen Arnold Music