CGTN 'Across & Anywhere' Channel Promotion

How to translate CGTN's internationality and share its unique point of view


Our challenge was to come up with a message for CGTN to show the self-conception of the network; now on the world stage. Aiming at a global audience with the Chinese point of view. Our idea was to film a number of different people of different ages and races in familiar scenarios watching the channel on TV or on mobile. From a wider angle we see the actual story to be attached to the protagonists, seeing what the protagonists see. The actual story is always there. 

Framing people and places around the world.

The people in this promotion spot are key to everything and we assembled different ages, varied environment diverse ethnicities. The places deliver a sense of the ordinary everyday while at the same time allow great cinematic angles for the action to unfold.

Client CGTN, China Global Television Network • Agency: Flint Skallen / Stefan Mueller
Created and produced by Perfect Accident • Creative Director: Martin Kett • Director: Stuart Rideout • DOP: Dan Holland • Edit: Kathrin Schmoll • Service Production: Green Olive Films • Producer: Simos Manganis • Executive Producer: Maria Kopanou • Executive Producer: Maria Kopanou • Post Production: Perfect Accident • Music: Stephen Arnold Music