CGTN BizTalk Show Package

Real talk, real business.


BizTalk is a groundbreaking 30-minute interview show, giving an in-depth look into how top companies around the world conduct business and how policymakers view the fast-changing world economy. It presents 360 degree profiles of industry movers and shakers, tech mavericks and policymakers, and drills down on the stories behind their success, to give you clarity on what’s happening in every facet of business.

and fresh

The show design combines high-end 3D animation with golden kinetic typography to express the dynamism of the market as well as the high-end target group. We developed a symbolic alphabet, business related icons, that expresses the global language of worldwide economy, business and markets and combine them with different perspectives of the rotating globe. The use of the 3D globe in combination with the flat 2D typography is unusual and fresh for the genre.

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MUSE Creative Awards – Gold Winner 2020

Client: CGTN, China Global Television • Agency: Flint Skallen / Stefan Mueller • Created and produced by Perfect Accident • Creative Team: Elisa Krenz, Wolfgang Schned, Martin Kett • 3D Artworks: Machenschaft • Music by Stephen Arnold Music