Channel 8 TV Branding

Channel 8 goes beyond traditional News TV

We developed the branding and on-air identity for Channel 8, characterised by bold minimalism in both image and sound. Every element, from idents and segment openers to promos and infographics, is designed to serve the content and stand out in a crowded media landscape.

A standout
lower third system


A standout feature is our responsive lower third system, a true highlight in our on-air design. We've developed and programmed a one-of-a-kind lower third system for Channel 8. This dynamic and modular system reacts swiftly to content, ensuring essential information takes center stage. A versatile tool, it adds both variety and value to the reports and daily news.




The studio is the stage

The state-of-the-art studio, featuring advanced technology, acts as a "canvas" for graphics, providing extensive capabilities for live presentations and incorporating augmented reality.

On to the dot


The brief was to create a strong identity for a brand new TV channel and a design language that has the potential to expand. We came up with a design that emphasizes clarity and coherence. A journalistic-oriented design that seamlessly supports storytelling and inspires the creation of informative graphics.



The customised infographics consistently adopt the general design language. The circles, derived from the logo, give the design an unmistakable look.

Breaking News
and more

Whether it's reinterpreting the classic news globe or providing concise headlines for weather, sport and business. Each topic is directed and scored individually. Taking the 8 as the starting point, fresh visual interpretations are created which relate clearly to the corporate identity.

Client: Channel 8 Media • Created and produced by Perfect Accident • Creative Team: Elisa Krenz,
Constanze Müller, Andrea Bednarz, Carmen Hirschfeld, Mohamed Kharata, Martin Kett • Music by Florian Riedl • Studio by Flint Skallen / Billionpoints

Special Thanks to: Hassan Rata (Channel 8), Zaid Wattar (Wave Media), Dirk Weinreich, Ran Trieger and Antonio Fernandez Heredia (Avid)