Current Time TV Channel Branding

Real time, real news, real people, real stories:
Current Time


Current Time (Настоящее Время) is an independent, international Russian language news and information TV & digital network headquartered in Prague aimed at Russian speakers living globally. Current Time offers an objective and fresh alternative to Kremlin-controlled media – providing live news, spin-free analysis, and engaging feature programming with an accent (focus, emphasis) on people, not politics. 

The Brandmark


The Brandmark design delivers a bold and contemporary brand identity across all linear, digital and social platforms. A strong bold logo, placed in the center of the screen, gives the brand power and self-confidence. The logo becomes an information medium through clever rotating animation. As a corner bug, the logo alternates with the show logos, and in the promo packshot with the program info. 

Bringing the logo to life – from linear to non linear

The logo was originally created and seen as a clock. We updated its role to a lively active play button, consistent with the digital age and mission of Current Time. The logo gets an active role as a human triggered Play button, always in the center and the foreground. It’s the link between the people and the channel. While Current Time is clearly a news and information network, it stands out from other news networks. The focus is the geographic diversity of the audience and the people working for Current Time. The people in the idents have this diversity. They are from Ukraine, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kasachstan, Sibiria, Afghanistan and Tatarstan and so on. 

Tangible branding tools

The literal English meaning of the Russian title Настоящее Время is "real time now”. Translating it to the core, the meaning is: something real, authentic and truthful right now. That captures the mission of the channel very effectively.

The process of journalistic work served as our main inspiration, translated into a graphic language:

Brand characteristics

Simplicity and clarity, but also playfulness is the trade mark of Current Time and is apparent through all media and elements. A functional corporate language with the emphasis on the content reflects the core values of the channel.

Cross-platform and dynamic identity


The bold, contemporary brand identity makes Current Time immediately present across all linear, digital and social platforms.

Client: CurrentTime TV, RFE/RL • Created and produced by Perfect Accident • Creative Team: Elisa Krenz, Joana Leal, Andrea Bednarz, Jakob Konrad, Martin Kett • Music by Florian Riedl