Current Time TV Feature Shows

Real life, entertaining facts & breathtaking documentaries


Current Time offers a rich mix of unique features and documentary programming from Russia, Central Asia and beyond. Offering an in-depth look at trends and events shaping some of the world’s most dynamic, yet least understood countries.

"Flexistency": flexibility meets consistency


Unlike the straight framework for the news shows, the feature shows are given more freedom when it comes to the logo and the package design – as long as the focus is on the use of typography as key element.

The in-show graphics share the same grid, typography and animation with the news graphics. Yet the shows get their individual touch by using their own color palettes.

Footage vs. Footage

A show about news and the people who make it. A fact-checking show which dissects fake news, sensationalized stories, and helpsthe viewer learn the difference between unintentional mistakes and conscious manipulation. Footage vs. Footage examines stories from all possible angles and sources – and lets the viewer be the judge. The opener illustrates this idea. It examines the show title from different angles showing different aspects.

Unknown Russia

The documentary series explores extraordinary places and people in Russia. Unknown Russia portrays the country in a new light, unfamiliar even to Russian natives. Made entirely with original footage, the opener reveals fascinating scenes and portraits. The colorful typographic animations merge with all sorts of black and white tinted images to create an inspiring teaser for the program.

Person on the Map

This documentary is a rare encounter with Russians living in the country’s modern-day outback, far from the prosperity of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The opener focuses on those people and presents them in an animated scrapbook, a mix of intimate black and white portraits, softly highlighted by with iridescent colors and typography. Like Unknown Russia, the opener solely uses original footage.

Come Visit

Come Visit is a travel and food show where the presenter travels and invites the audience to the culture, culinary and traditions of various countries of the world. The opener is a collage made out of collected items, small details and impressions from all the different destinations.

Come, visit and enjoy.

MUSE Creative Awards – Silver Winner 2020 (Footage vs. Footage)

Client: CurrentTime TV,RFE/RL, • Created and produced by Perfect Accident • Creative Team: Elisa Krenz, Joana Leal, Andrea Bednarz, Katharina Alesik, Jette Bergner, Martin Kett • Music by Florian Riedl