Oman TV Channel Branding

A new brand identity for Oman TV

Oman’s Public Authority for Radio & TV (PART) launched a new corporate identity along with the opening of its new studio complex in Muscat. We partnered with Zeenah to develop a contemporary brand identity for Oman TV and Oman Sports. The logo, designed by Zeenah, is a mix of modern typography with traditional calligraphy.

Poetry embraces modernity

Oman TV’s new identity embraces modernity in the Omani style. Main key visuals are floating fabrics, linking the channel identity to the people of Oman. The fabrics become partner for all kind of lifestyle situations. Shot in the unique landscape of Oman, the idents tell stories of personal engagement and aspiration. They reflect the evolving society through dialogue and openness.

Stories of personal engagement and aspiration
The making of: from Muscat’s Royal Opera House into the alleys of Yanket Village.

The idents were shot on site with a local cast to capture the authenticity and originality of the people as well as the stunning scenery of Oman.

State of the art news studio



The move to its new studio complex went along with the change to a completely new production flow. Our scope of work included the design for the news studio, the morning and evening show studio as well as the sport news & talk studio. We designed the news studio and the newsroom according to the new requirements. The studio is a real set with partly automated camera systems and video walls. It’s used for the production of both the international and the local news.

The news programs

Oman TV produces local and international news and news in english, each with its own opener and closer. The common design element for all the openers are floating glass panels that are used as projection screens for different content.

News graphic elements and screen real estate

The screen design appears in a functional and clean frame work with a distinctive petrol-blue logo bug. The overall look and feel is loosely based on the User Interface Design of mobile applications with floating cards in a clean environment.

Reliable tools for broadcasters

The design guidelines provide a useful resource of practical information and guidance for Oman TV. This documentation includes not only information about styles and templates, but also suggestions for specific implementation methods. This tool also helps to keep consistency for future services which provides a high quality viewing experience.

PART / Public Authority of Radio and Television, Oman • Advertising Agency: TBWA / Zeenah, Muscat, Oman • Managing Director: Mohammad Al Farei • Creative Director: Tony O' Connor • Motion Design Agency: Perfect Accident Creative Services GmbH, Germany • Creative Director: Martin Kett • Producer: Martin Sommer • Project Management: Kathrin Hagenbach • Design & Animation: Patrick Becher, Jakob Konrad, Joana Leal • Music: Florian Riedl • Vizrt: Avirtico